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The Multifarious Faces of Sikhism throughout Sikh History
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Bhai Randhir Singh da Jatha/Akhand Kirtani Jatha cont'd

These fanatics promulgate a paranoid world in which Sikhism is constantly under dire threat from internal and external, in particular Brahminical Hindu, forces. As such, they see themselves as defenders of Sikhism, fighting the good fight to establish ‘Khalsa Raj’ of ‘Khalistan’ in which their version of fundamentalist, puritanical, non-tolerant, teetotaler, vegetarian, prudish Khalsa Sikhism alone will flourish.

Operation Bluestar

The fight for an independent homeland by Khalistani Sikhs resulted
in the Indian Government launching 'Operation Bluestar', June 1984

Due to the recent activities, and the response this section will inevitably provoke amongst pro-Khalistani Sikhs, Nihang Niddar Singh and Nihang Teja Singh wish to add the following:

For daring to present Sanatan Sikhism, which contradicts the ultra-Teja Singh Bhasauria/Tat Khalsa Singh Sabhia mentality of the A.K.J., both Nihang Niddar Singh and Nihang Teja Singh have received numerous death threats from various individuals, the majority of them who reside firmly in the A.K.J. camp.

After the events of 11th September 2001, the A.K.J. have tried hard not to be labeled as 'fanatics'/'terrorists' and are attempting to play down their link with Babbar Khalsa International for sake of persecution from international security organizations. However, their actions prove that they are nothing more than terrorists. These threats have even been made against the families (women, children, etc.) of Nihang Niddar Singh and Nihang Teja Singh.

Only recently, the address of Nihang Teja Singh was circulated amongst the A.K.J. and posted on various discussion forums on the Internet. No doubt their aim is to intimidate, or provoke some mindless Sikh fanatic to carry out an attack on their behalf.

Within days of this section being put up, a close friend of Nihang Teja Singh's family, who happens to be disabled, was attacked by THREE 'Sikhs', two of whom have been positively identified as being from the A.K.J. camp, the third is clean shaven'. Their cowardly act of violence was recorded on surveillance video footage. Such acts appear to be the result of frustration and exhibit the low-level mind set that exemplifies these fanatics who resort to violence as a deterrent.

Threatened by the popularity of the Akali Nihang presence in he UK, the Sanatan Sikh web sites, the Sanatan Sikh Shastar Vidiya Akharas, and the real-world attitude of Sanatan Sikhism, the A.K.J. have resorted to false propaganda. They have labeled the Nihang Singhs of the UK as being ‘anti-Panthic’, ‘anti-Guru', ‘pro-Hindu’, 'idol worshippers', 'agents of the fanatical R.S.S.', 'Indian government agents', 'individuals of low character',' drug peddlers', 'drug addicts', 'pimps', 'alcoholics', 'womanizers',' practitioners of the black arts', etc.

Irrespective of all this slander, character defamation, and death threats, as Sikhs of the Guru, the Nihangs of the UK wish the best of luck to the A.K.J. in their quest. It is Va-eh Guru who decides who will live or die, not any one individual. One can only do ‘Ardas’ (pray) to Va-eh Guru, in hope of granting them wisdom to see the folly of Sikh fighting Sikh.

Finally, it has to be noted that not all A.K.J. are fanatics. For example, there are many couples and children affiliated with the A.K.J. who attend the Sanatan Sikh Shastar Vidiya Akharas around the UK.

Whilst in New York, Nihang Niddar Singh met many A.K.J. Sikhs who attended the youth camp which offered both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. These A.K.J. Sikhs had no problem sitting next to Chatka-eating Nihangs. Such ‘Itifak’ (unity) as exhibited by these A.K.J. Sikhs will lead to success of Sikhism.

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