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Distortions of Sikh History
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Before As knowledge of Sanatan Sikhism and Akali Nihang ideology spreads across the world, a small handful of individuals, influenced by their inherent xenophobia, have accused the creators of www.shastarvidiya.org and www.sarbloh.info of inventing terms such as ‘Sanatan’, ‘Shastar Vidiya’, ‘Chatka’, etc. Some have even claimed that one goes against the principles of Sikhism because an individual refers to the Sikh Gurus by the prefix ‘Akali’.

Akali Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj
The first Sikh Guru, accompanied by Bhai Mardana and Bhai Bala, discussing
spiritual matters with Gorakh Nath, a mighty Yoga Master, and the head of the Hindu Sadhus

These ignorant individuals, some preferring to remain anonymous, have ignored the tremendous amount of scriptural, historical and literary evidence that corroborates the facts presented on these websites. The transcripts of numerous interviews carried out with respected Sanatan Sikhs that further substantiate the information, also appears to glide over the intellect of such characters. On considering the wealth of wisdom in existence, one has to ask why these people are so blind to it all?

Applying ‘tark’ and ‘nijaj’ (logic and reason), we can arrive at the conclusion that Sanatan Sikhism represents a world that is too deep, too varied and pluralistic, for such individuals to comprehend. Years of brainwashing under Tat Khalsa Singh Sabia-influenced Sikhism has destroyed their ability to accept or respect any philosophy that does not adhere to their own beliefs.

The Guru utilises 'Tark' and 'Nijaj'
Akali Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj and Bhai Bala with their feet facing Mecca

In addition, the form of Sikhism followed today in the modern world has been challenged and refuted by the evidence presented here.

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