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Distortions of Sikh History
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Introduction cont'd

The British Raj left a legacy in Punjab, the cancerous Tat Khalsa Singh Sabhia Sikhism that today eats away at the intellect and character of humanity. Akali Nihang Singhs term this form of Sikhism as ‘Angrez Sikhi’ (European Sikhism) or ‘Malesh Sikhi’ (Sikhism of the filthy foreigner). This ‘Angrez Sikhi’ is currently squealing under the heavy boot of the revitalized Sanatan Sikhism.

Surrender of the Sikhs
Etch from The Illustrated London Times depicting the surrender of the Sikhs in March 1849

To recap, Sanatan Sikhism, with all its glorious traditions such as ‘Shastar Vidiya’, ‘Ayurveda’, ‘Gurmat Sangeet’, ‘Arth Vidiya’, etc. was displaced by the Tat Khalsa Singh Sabhias during the course of the late 19th century and early 20th century.

After over a century, Sanatan Sikhism is now making a spirited return to its former prosperity. The truth is that Sanatan Sikhism cannot be held back by terrorist threats, false accusations, slander or false propaganda.

Sanatan Sikh Shastar Vidiya Gurdev Nihang Niddar Singh wishes to state the following:

“Even if these fanatical extremists kill myself and/or Nihang Teja Singh (the webmaster), the glory of Sanatan Sikhism cannot be held back by terrorist threats, slander, fallacious accusations, or spurious propaganda. Should these narrow-minded fanatics succeed in killing myself and/or Nihang Teja Singh as they have promised to do in their numerous threats, they should be aware that the Sanatan Sikh revivalism will not be stifled.

It is not I, Nihang Niddar Singh of my ‘Shagirds’ (students) who are distorting Sikh history, or inventing misleading traditions or false martial arts. It is my detractors, who having being brought up on Tat Khalsa Singh Sabhia-influenced Sikhism, are ignorant to the legacy of lies and deceit perpetuated by the followers of this form of Sikhism. Individuals who played major roles as both originators and propagators of Tat Khalsa Singh Sabhia Sikhism include well-known authors such as Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha, M.A. Macauliffe, Bhai Vir Singh, Teja Singh Bhasauria, Bhai Randhir Singh Narangwal, Prof. Sahib Singh, etc.’

Sanatan Sikh Shastar Vidiya
Nihang Niddar Singh shows the 'Shagirds' (students) attending the Akhara at Cranford, UK some paintings of Sikh warriors of old

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