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The Sanatan Sikhs - The Nirmalas
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Nirmalas, like other Sanatan Sikhs, distinguish between 'Matt' (Individual religion or individualistic thinking which fuels ego and puts up barriers between people) and Sanatan Dharma (Universal religion/philosophy or thinking which brings all together).

Majority of people who practice a 'religion' get engrossed in their particular Matt. Only a few ever seen the true spiritual path of Sanatan Dharma, the true heart and soul of all true religions. Baba Teja Singh (a well-respected Nirmala Sikh) comments:

‘From 15th century in that time the [Adi] Guru Granth was composed. At that time, the four religious way’s that were existent. There was Gur Matt [Sikh Guru’s thinking] in the Punjab, Bhagti Marg [Way of devotion] in South of India, Sufism in the west around Multan, and Vedant which was through out India. Those who believe in Vedas are to be found through out India. These four religious ways deal with one same subject. Bhagti Marg, Sufism, Gurmat and Vedant basically stand on one platform. Alright, I possess knowledge of Vedant. People will say that he speaks Gurbani [Guru’s word which is Dharma] in the manner of Vedant. If Someone is more versed in knowledge of Sufism, he will speak [Guru’s word] in a Sufi manner. If some one has interest in Bhagti Marg studies it he will talk in that manner [Guru’s word]. Some will speak of it [Dharma] in manner of Sikhism. According to each other’s religious learning they speak. But, in terms of foundation, when we look at the four religious ways, their principles are basically one. To have faith in God and to see God in all, this is their subject.’
(Baba Teja Singh, transcript of a recording, 9-03-2001)

Nirmala Baba Teja Singh
A photograph of Baba Teja Singh in his dispensary where
he gives out free medication and advice to all those who require it

Hence Nirmala Scholars easily integrated with the scholars of other religions and philosophies. Nirmalas see themselves as true Sanatan 'Sam Vadi' (egalitarians) as opposed to 'Katar Vadi' (religious fanatics).

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