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Akali Guru Amar Das Ji Maharaj (1479 -1574)
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Akali Guru Amar Das succeeded Akali Guru Angad as the spiritual head of the Sikhs.

Akali Guru Amardas Ji
The Guru during his lifetime collected the works of the his two
predecessors and compiled the 'Mohan Pothi' to avoid any adulteration of scriptures

He too continued the work of Guru Nanak. He took special interest in easing the suffering of women, and stopped the ancient Indian practice of self-immolation of widows, known as 'Sati' (the burning of widow on her husband's funeral pyre). He also stopped the practice of 'Pardah' (the veiling in public of women).

He encouraged education of women on equal footing with men. Akali Guru Amardas, like Akali Guru Nanak toured the Hindu religious centers in order to expose the Hindu pilgrims there to the universal Sanatan Sikh faith.

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